Children's Court New South Wales

Who and what to bring

What to bring

It is important that you bring the paperwork relating to your case in the NSW Children's Court.  This will help registry staff, your lawyer and other court support workers assist you more quickly.

Who to bring

You are encouraged to bring a support person to Court. This can be a parent, carer, family member or other responsible person. The Children's Court is closed to the general public but in most cases your support person will be able to sit in court when your case is dealt with.

What to wear

Court proceedings are serious and people attending court are expected to dress appropriately. You do not have to wear formal clothes like a suit or a tie, just aim to be neat and tidy. You may be at the court for several hours, so avoid wearing clothes that are uncomfortable.  Hats, caps or hoodies should be removed before entering the courtroom.

Last updated:

08 May 2023

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